Henry Wieck PhD.

Henry J. Wieck is the President of Polygenesis.  Henry's formal training is in Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemical Sensors. After completing graduate school he started down an academic career path until the day he read an announcement regarding the formation of start up company in the area of silicon sensors. The fruit of these labors yielded the world's first handheld, multi-parameter, blood analyzer.

A visionary technology integrator with the ability to conceptualize and commercialize next generation medical technology, Henry has many patents in the area.  His talents include a complete understanding of the product commercialization process, strategically focused product development, managing “virtual” development groups, minimizing development risks, project management, joint venture facilitation and increasing profitability of technology businesses with rapid prototyping.

Gregory Bandru
Director of Engineering

Gregory M. Bandru is a principal in the company and serves as the Director of Engineering.  Greg's educational background is in electrical engineering with graduate work in software engineering.  He has spent almost his entire career in the medical and pharmaceutical areas, developing products ranging from diagnostics,  clinial trial software systems, surgical lasers, medical software systems, and other medical instruments and therapeutic devices.  He has also has a vast array of experience with pharmaceutical software systems ranging from clinical trial systems for documentation, data collection and analysis, to supply chain management and IRT systems.

In addition to the electrical, software, & design development of devices and systems, Greg has been led many business process re-engineering teams for both medical and pharmaceutical companies, who have the need to update and create best business processes around new or updated technologies and systems.  He also participates as part of the due diligence teams looking at new technologies, systems and companies, whether they be for investment purposes or to facilitate the ongoing development of new technology.

Francis Delahanty
Director of Technology

Francis T. Delahanty is a principal in the company and serves as the Director of Technology.  After obtaining a graduate degree in physics, Fran has been involved in the commercialization of new technologies for almost 30 years.  Ranging across diverse industries such as healthcare, security, communications and automotive, Fran has exploited a wide range of technologies including sensors, wireless communications, biometrics, specialty materials, optoelectronics, and bioassays.  Focusing on the front end of the development process, Fran has assisted clients realize new, market-leading products, as well as develop and mature their own internal technologies and processes.

In addition to his product and technology development activities, Fran has also played a role and led teams in due diligence, technology search and evaluation, strategy, and resource evaluation and planning.  Fran also serves as an active Adjunct Faculty member in the School of Engineering at The College of New Jersey, teaching courses in electric circuits and control systems design.